Sunday, February 21, 2010

I've got BALLS!! ... rice balls and cake balls...

One of my favorite Chinese desserts is loh mei chi, aka glutinious rice balls. These tasty chewy balls are usually filled with a sweet peanut butter mixture or a red bean paste. This week, I was surprised when I found a MANGO filled loh mei chi just sitting on the kitchen counter and just waiting to be eaten.

I was so excited that I started to eat it.
Then I stopped to document this moment so it could be remembered... forever.

Gold-like Goodness.

I wish I could take credit for making the mango glutinious rice ball because it was so yummy. But I can take credit for making... CAKE BALLS! Super easy and super messy- too messy to take pictures of.

I made Vanilla Cake Balls.

And Vanilla Cake Balls with OREO topping.
Adding the topping was hard work.

Inside sneak peak.

Recipe for Cake Balls
1. Bake a cake.
2. Let it cool.
3. Mash it up.
4. Add some icing.
5. Form small balls with the mixture.
6. Refrigerate/ Freeze.
7. Dip into chocolate.
8. Lay on wax paper to dry.

Here's a really cute site that shows how to make them and other fun stuff too!


  1. yours look super duper awesome!!!!
    I tried this a few years back and just ended up with a mess!! sooo jealous

  2. When did you start cooking all the time?

  3. Don't you remember the cheese cookie I made you eat in high school?


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