Thursday, March 4, 2010

Flowers that don't need watering?

HURRAY! Spring is HERE! Well, not yet... but today, I saw grass! Too bad the weather can be so finicky and this sunny forecast can turn into a intense snow storm within minutes... perhaps that was a slight exaggeration.

At least I have something to tie you over until the real flowers bloom.

These are low maintenance flowers:
- watering: not required 
- eating: optional

Did I mention that these flowers come with chocolate cake?

Chocolate Cake. Cherry Strawberry Filling. Chocolate Cake. 


And it also comes with a smile.

 P.S. There are 16 days til spring.


  1. Such a pretty cake! give me someeeeee

  2. Did you make those flowers yourself?

  3. Yeah, I'm taking a cake decorating class and this was my first time doing roses. :D


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