Friday, March 5, 2010

Wow - those bars look WHEY too heavy for you to lift...

I feel like I'm in a love-hate relationship with gyms. Sometimes I love going there, while other times I just dread it. But I always feel great after I leave the gym. I love that "runner's high". You see, I'm more of a treadmill/elliptical-kind-of-girl and not quite a one-hundred-pound-bench-press-kind-of girl.

Yes, yes, yes... I know that should be lifting weights on a regular basis... but I always walk by the treadmills, which have television screens attached to them. Who could possible say no? Did I mention that I don't have cable/satellite at my house?

Well, my dad has enough will power to resist the televisions at the gym, so he lifts weights on a regular basis... and occasionally ingests whey protein powder.

...and now we have a bottomless bucket of protein powder at my house.
There is just whey too much.


So I decided to make some protein bars.
I also added toasted almonds and peanuts to the recipe to give it some CRUNNNCH!


Of course I was strong enough to chop them up, without any help.


I was also strong enough to stir up the oat-honey-protein-milk-peanut butter mixture.
Raisins, craisin and dried figs were also added to the recipe ... for colour.

After a workout, you could eat one bar...

... or three bars... if you can lift them!

Recipe for Honey Protein Bars Printer Friendly Version 
1 cup nutty peanut butter
10 tbsp honey (30 tsp, about double)
2 cups oats
5 scoops whey

1 cup milk
Just mix everything up in a bowl, put it in a brownie or cake pan, and leave it in the fridge. After it has solidified, cut it up into bars.


  1. the power bars are sooooooo good and definitely heavy. I need both hand to lift them. I am so energised........Well done

  2. I'm glad you enjoy them! :D

  3. they look nice, but i'm still staying away from protein bars lol...bad xperience


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