Friday, July 23, 2010


This is a housekeeping post.

No. I don't plan on showing you how I wash my pots and pans. Mainly because I don't... just kidding. I do. I use lots of Palmolive too.

This post is just a clean-up, catch-all, touch-on-a few-miscellaneous-things (Awards and Brownies) blog post.

Item 1: I feel I'm still new to whole blogging world but a few days ago I received The Versatile Blogger Award from the Food Blogging Team at Just Food Snobs. WHIPPEE! I didn't even know such things existed!!

There are some guidelines for accepting this award and they are:

- Thank the person who gave it to you. so... THANK YOU!

- Tell 7 things about yourself
  • 1. My favourite colour is pink.
  • 2. I have a condition. I need to ingest chocolate and/or ice cream at least once a day.
  • 3. I finished my undergrad in health science and psychology.
  • 4. In grade 5, I collected beanie babies and listened to the SPICE girls.
  • 5. Now I collect cake pans and cookie cutters.
  • 6. I can fly planes.
  • 7. My left ear is bigger than my right ear.

- Pass the award on to 15 bloggers whom you have recently discovered and think are fantastic! Ps these are in no particular order.
 Item 2: Tiger Brownie Update.


I wanted to use up the frozen cookie bar dough from last week. Frozen cookie dough requires a longer baking time so I have no idea why I decreased the baking time to 25 minutes (vs. 27 minutes). As a result, the Tiger Brownies were even more fudgey. Maybe too fudgey.

I also made some regular brownies with the left over brownie mixture (remember: Tiger Brownie = 1/2 cookie + 1/2 Brownie). They were not really regular brownies because I added in some Nescafe Hazelnut Coffee stuff. I also just shoved it into the oven and took it out ... perhaps 20 minutes later... 

I forgot to look at the clock. Oops. My bad.

These Coffee Hazelnut Brownies, aka Mocha Brownies, were really fudgey and I actually preferred my first brownie batch  from last time more, which were cakey and fudgey. So, next time I will....
  • - look at the clock,
  • - bake them longer 
  • - and probably like them more. 

Click here for the Tiger Brownie Recipe


  1. Thanks for the kind words... :)

  2. Thank you, Joyce! I'll fill this one out when I have a chance to think. :D

  3. Joyce,
    First off, thank you so much for the award! Your blog has been such a delight to me, and I feel truly honored. Secondly, you and I would have been fast friends in the 5th grade. And finally..I have such a hard time timing my brownies. They come out different each time I make them!

  4. Thank you joyce!!! =) I was really really touched.

    And your delicious tiger brownie is going to be the demise of my diet! It looks so good... like combining together all the best things.. =D

  5. Hello Joyce,
    Thank you for the award. Your blog is so adorable. Hi 5 you! Because pink is my favorite color as well. :).

  6. Thankyou so much for passing them to me; i am really chuffed.

  7. Hi Joyce. First of all your brownies look wickedly fudgy,chocolaty and totally up my ally and second of all, thank you so much for the award. How delightful! I am very grateful and I am also extremely impressed that you can fly a plane ;) Cheers.

  8. Thanks so much the for award!! Those brownies look amazing. I'm always up for a good brownie remix.


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