Sunday, August 29, 2010

Mom's Wonton Soup

Today our air conditioning was fixed! Hurray!

Now our oven has decided to be uncooperative.

Apparently no clock display = no baking temperature display = no baking for Joyce.

Luckily, today's post did not require an oven.

Mom's Wonton Soup

The ingredients you will need: 

Wonton Wrappers


Tofu can come in different shapes, sizes, and consistencies. Some are even vacuum packed. This tofu was stored in water that needed to be changed daily.

Just cut up the tofu.


My mom marinated some ground pork with salt and soy sauce but any type of meat will do, as long as it has shrimp. The soup always tastes better with shrimp.

Some veggies: Carrots, Asian mushrooms, and Cucumber.


A beaten egg.

Alright so here come the instructions. 

Put a little bit of everything on a wonton wrapper. Be careful not to over stuff.
Do it more than once... 

 Take one of the filled wonton wrappers,

Cover the edges with water,

and scrumple it up.
Yes, scrumple it.

Make more than one...

Boil some water or chicken stock (for more flavour).

 Drop in the wontons.

Now drop in the tofu.

 Then the cilantro.

Pour in the egg last, but make sure you don't stop stirring.

Now serve it up!

And don't hog all the wontons.

Formal recipe to come!

 The faceless oven. 

Update: just check out another wonton recipe (Click here)


  1. Oh my goodness! I've never seen wonton soup prepared from scratch, and it is so much easier than I thought. I'm excited to give this a try...and my husband will be thrilled if I can pour him a bowl of wonton soup!

  2. This is a great recipe. I like the fillings used on this one. I will give this a try.


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