Friday, October 15, 2010

Anything Goes...

A while ago, I helped out at an event.

There was a show to watch and then there was food to eat.

Lots of different stuff donated by local restaurants.

It was pretty awesome. 

There was this giant veggie bouquet.

Salmon-cream cheese-caper wraps from Blackfriars Catering.

 Cute display, right?

Baklava from Mythic Grill.

P.s.The show was called "Anything Goes".

 ...another shot at the cake

This is not a Checkers board.

 It's actually part of a wide selection of desserts.

 This walnut butter tart tasted amazing.

That round thing was a blueberry lemon cake. That loaf thing was a pumpkin loaf.
You can see that the rest were cookies and bars. There was a little bit of fruit too.
I can't remember who donated this but it was tasty. 

Just thought you should know...

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  1. Oh my...I'm drooling. I love going to parties with big spreads of food...I enjoy sampling so many delicious appetizers and desserts. Thank you for sharing love!


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