Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Dulce de Leche Stuffed Cupcakes.

I made some cupcakes again. Seems to be the story of my life lately.

Hey, I'm not complaining. I like doing it.

These ones were stuffed with Dulce de Leche.

What is that, you might ask? Well, it sort of tastes like caramel.

I used a Crockpot and made some from condensed milk, not evaporated milk.

Confusing, yes, I know. They both end in "milk" and come in small little cans.

I wouldn't know what would happen if I used evaporated milk... I suppose it wouldn't taste as good.

Dulce de Leche Stuffed Cupcakes

Each cupcake was bursting with that ooey gooey dulce goodness.

Sunday, March 10, 2013

Roast them nuts.

If you didn't know that I'm crazy for nuts, I guess I'm hiding it well. I'm talking about the culinary kind...

Anyways... I eat them everyday and I will probably continue to. I mix them into my oatmeal, add them into my trail mixes, or cover them with chocolate... I could go on.

In grad school, I had a jar of peanut butter by my desk and I practically spread that butter on everything so it's not surprising that if it came down to it, I would eat a peanut butter and jam sandwich everyday to satisfy my craving.

Maybe that is a little extreme. I would probably stop after the first year or so, but to avoid that weird situation from happening, I roasted some almonds and pecans.

I dry roasted some, made some salty, and also made some sweet.

Salted Almonds

Honey Cinnamon Candied Pecans

Oh, did you know that nuts are actually fruit? Apparently walnuts are fruit, but almonds, cashews, and peanuts are seeds.

I know I reference Wiki a lot, but I suppose that it's fine since they give a shout out to epidemiological studies in the Nutritional Benefit section. Isn't epi soo cool? ;)

Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Chocolate cupcakes with the best frosting ever.

People like looking at food pictures, especially instagram-ish, filtered-added photos.

So here you go... feast your eyes on some cupcakes that I made.

Chocolate cupcakes with a flour frosting

Yup... I added flour to the frosting and it is the best frosting ever.

The flour stabilizes the frosting without adding a ton of sugar... in fact, I usually lower the sugar content so I'm not abusing my little Islets of Langerhans. Yes, sometimes I'm health conscious.

Since you have to beat the crap out of it, it takes a little more time and effort than your average Joe buttercream frosting.

It is super light and fluffy... like whipped cream and it's totally worth the extra effort.

This just might be my go-to-frosting-recipe. Trust me.... it's awesome.

Friday, March 1, 2013

Dried plum and banana muffins.

Well, hello there. It seems that I've been on a little hiatus from this blog.

Don't worry, I have still been baking away ;) .... I just haven't been taking pictures of these adventures. Who wants to read a blog post with only text? Not this girl, at least... and that is why I haven't been blogging.

I should take more pictures. My brother takes a ton of pictures and documents practically everything in photo form. He has a cool fisheye lens that he uses to make cool-looking pictures. Maybe I should get one too... but then I would have to carry it around and I already carry enough things... like lip balm. So maybe I won't get one.

Anyways... I made some muffins and took some pictures today. Yay...

Dried plum and banana ones.

Dried plum? yeah. Totally out of this world.

Never tried one? Well, I'm sure you have if I told you they are prunes... haha..

By the way, I read that the "European Food Safety Agency has ruled that prunes are not a laxative and can't be sold as such". Well.. that is good to hear I guess, but I'll think twice about reaching for that second muffin... even if it isn't a laxative...

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